Methods of Teaching

TAG-SB was established to provide students in the Arab world with the highest possible quality of education. Since classes commenced in the fall of 2006, TAG-SB has acquired the reputation of the premier school of business in our region. Despite this great accomplishment, TAG-SB further aims to become an internationally recognized school of business.

TAG-SB is committed to attract the most talented and highly-qualified faculty members. Faculty members are aware of the high competency of the student body and are prepared both to be challenged and to challenge their students. Students are encouraged to consult the faculty members during their office hours. 

The administration of TAG-SB has chosen the case study method of instruction whenever appropriate. TAG-SB facilitates learning through group work, presentations, discussions, solving real-life problems and expects students to express their knowledge in a well-written form.

TAG-SB’s motto, which is embedded throughout the institution, is “where the gifted become leaders”.