MBA in Marketing

MBA Marketing Program prepares the candidates for building solid careers in the field of marketing based on world-class theoretical foundation as well as applied and international real life practices. This program provides the marketing candidates with high quality of real-life marketing expertise, qualifications, problem-solving skills as well as critical and strategic thinking approaches that match modern business requirements


MBA Marketing students are required to complete a set of required core courses and elective courses. The courses below represent the MBA in Marketing core and elective courses:

MBA in Marketing Core Courses- 33 Credit Hours

MBA 701  3.0  Research Methodology   
MBA 712 3.0  Management and Cost Accounting   
MBA 721  3.0  Corporate Finance  
MBA 731  3.0  Managerial Economics  Prerequisite MBA 701
MBA 740  3.0  Organizational Behavior and Human Resources   
MBA 743  3.0  Strategic Management and Business Policy Capstone Course 
MBA 744  3.0  Operations Management   
MBA 750 3.0 Marketing and Sales Management   
MBA 752 3.0  Consumer Behavior Prerequisite MBA 750 
MBA 758  3.0 Services Marketing Prerequisite MBA 750 
MBA 759  3.0  International Marketing Prerequisite MBA 750  
MBA in Marketing Elective Courses- 9 Out of 15 Credit Hours





MBA 756 3.0 Marketing Strategy Prerequisite MBA 750
MBA 760 3.0 Electronic Marketing Prerequisite MBA 750 
MBA 765 3.0 Relationship Marketing Prerequisite MBA 750 
MBA 766 3.0 Global Marketing Communications Prerequisite MBA 759
MBA 767 3.0 Contemporary Issues in Marketing Prerequisite MBA 759