MBA in Quality and Operations

MBA Quality and Operations Program prepares the candidates to excel in running excellent performing operations using applications in services as well as manufacturing settings. This program presents latest techniques used in achieving excellence in operations utilizing both theoretical and practical models. The program also focuses on supply chain issues and problem solving techniques that relates to any business operations.

MBA Quality and Operations students are required to complete a set of required core courses and elective courses. The courses below represent the MBA in Quality and Operations core and elective courses:

MBA in Quality and Operations Core Courses- 33 Credit Hours

MBA 701  3.0  Research Methodology   
MBA 712 3.0  Management and Cost Accounting   
MBA 721  3.0  Corporate Finance  
MBA 731  3.0  Managerial Economics  Prerequisite MBA 701
MBA 740  3.0  Organizational Behavior and Human Resources   
MBA 743  3.0  Strategic Management and Business Policy Capstone Course 
MBA 744  3.0  Operations Management   
MBA 750 3.0 Marketing and Sales Management   
MBA 771 3.0  Total Quality Management - Concepts and Applications Prerequisite MBA 744
MBA 704  3.0 Statistical Quality Analysis Prerequisite MBA 701
MBA 774  3.0  Advanced Quality Applications Prerequisite MBA 704  
MBA in Quality and Operations Elective Courses- 9 Out of 15 Credit Hours





MBA 775 3.0 Supply Chain Management Prerequisite MBA 744
MBA 708 3.0 Advanced Topics in Operations Management Prerequisite MBA 744
MBA 709 3.0 Theory of Inventive Problem Solving Prerequisite MBA 744
MBA 710 3.0 Service and Product development for Business Excellence Prerequisite MBA 744
MBA 763 3.0 Project Management