Library Policies

Circulation Policies

Borrowing Library Materials


Students, faculty members and administrators must have a valid TAG-SB ID card with picture to borrow books. Anyone who loses his/her ID card should report to the registration office.

Loan Limit

The loan limit is two books that students may borrow at any one time (for the time being).

2-References materials:

Reference materials are not allowed to be borrowed

Loan Periods
The loan period is two weeks and may be renewed for two more weeks.
All books should be returned before the end of the semester.


Magazines and newspapers should not be taken out of the library. They should be used in library.

Other Library Policies

Food and Beverage 
Food and beverage is not allowed in the Library.


Any noise or any disturbance in the library from the users, either from loud conversation or using cell phones, is not allowed.

Visitors cannot borrow books or any other library materials.

Only TAG-SB students, faculty and staff have the right to use the library computers for academic research.